want to canoe? is the premier canoe hire company in the Wye Valley area. We offer kayak and canoe trips for adults and children that can begin or conclude by the picturesque red brick bridge at Bredwardine, Hereford.

This beautiful village boasts a historic late 17th-century coaching inn called the Red Lion, a fascinating ancient church in St Andrews (featuring the tomb of the giant knight, Walter Baskerville) and its very own 12th Century castle (Bredwardine Castle). Keen ramblers should also take note that The Wye Valley Walk also passes through the village.

want to canoe? offer you, your family and friends the opportunity to embark on a river adventure from several different points along the Wye, including Bredwardine, with a myriad of route options to choose from, with durations from a few hours to several days, all with different sights and sounds to behold…

Below you’ll find all of our Bredwardine canoe hire trips (and what you can expect along the way) along with information about where to stay if you are ‘overnighting’. We will provide you with everything you need (except for a picnic). Any questions? Just give us a call – we’re a fountain of local knowledge!:

whitney – bredwardine | estimated time: half a day

Leaving the sleepy town of books, the river meanders through beautiful Herefordshire countryside. This stretch is famous for large catches of trout and salmon which, late in the year, can be seen leaping upstream […]Read more

bredwardine – hereford | estimated time: half a day

We say: “If you really want to see the heart of the Wye Valley – canoe it!” Bredwardine to Hereford is an almost perfect stretch of the river– this is what canoeing the Wye is all about. Starting at the picturesque red […]Read more

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