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the farm

Racquety Farm is the home of ​ want to canoe?​

It is a family-run farm owned and managed by ​want to canoe?​ partner Ros (Mum to Aubrey and Katy) and Geoff. Aubrey, Clare and Katy manage and operate the canoes, so they’re most likely to be your guides and points of contact when you come for an activity but from a wider perspective, it’s important to us for everyone to feel part of the farm and ‘at home’ when visiting.

The farm does not pretend to be an agri-business; it is a small farm run solely by Geoff and Ros on Organic Farming Principals and is inspected by the Soil Association. They encourage re-cycling, the use of biodegradable products and respect for the environment; be it by your tent, from your canoe or on the wider farm and surrounding countryside. The farm setting is THE postcard view of Hay-on-Wye (just check the postcards!) and offers Bed & Breakfast​, ​Glamping​ and ​Camping​ accommodation, land hire for events​, ​ fishing and of-course canoeing! The land is comprised of arable pasture, orchards and woodland and Hay-on-Wye market town is just a stone’s throw away. The river bank is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest), though not in the Area 51 sense……. we’ve yet to discover any alien spacecraft, but we’re always on the lookout!

the family


Aubrey sits at the heart of the want to canoe? partnership, dealing with all the digital marketing and PR for the business as well as working closely with all the great customers we meet during the season.  He is a Paddlesport Instructor and has been canoeing for fun his whole life, mainly on the River Wye. Aubrey is born and bred in Wales, in Hay-on-Wye itself in fact, so he has a passion for the river and everything associated with it. One of his earliest and fondest memories is learning to fish with his father on a popular stretch of the Wye, deep in the Radnorshire countryside. Aubrey has spent some time away from Wales, living in Brighton for eight years and then London for six. He firstly earned a degree in sound engineering, then worked as a runner in a famous Soho Film Studio and then finally for a digital games company as a producer, before calling time on the hectic city life. Having returned to Hay in 2012, Aubrey is enjoying getting back to his roots and enabling others to enjoy the river as he has always been so encouraged to do so – it seems to be his calling in life!

Want to Canoe?


Clare manages all things customer facing and is a stickler for perfection! She handles the enquiries, bookings and all back-end operational procedures at want to canoe?, taking care of customers needs, ensuring everyone is happy and smiling. Clare was introduced to Hay on Wye by her husband, Aubrey, and instantly fell in love with the place, in particular, the river and surrounding landscape. Before moving to Hay on Wye, Clare lived and grew up in Somerset working mainly in the Motor Trade for Audi, Saab and Chevrolet and also more recently spent some time in London studying Business Management…. but Clare’s home is in the countryside, out of doors and surrounded by family and other lovely people. Canoeing and walking the dog are at the top of her list of favourite pass-times and she also takes a keen interest in fishing (but mainly as a spectator from the river-bank, with a flask of tea and the spaniel). want to canoe? – you’d better call Clare!

Want to Canoe?


Katy is the youngest in the partnership and joined in 2019 shortly after her 18th birthday. As she is currently in the midst of uni and enjoying her late teens her bio will follow!

Want to Canoe?


Ros and Geoff own, manage, love and nurture the 52 acre, Certified Organic Farm based at Racquety Lodge, Wyecliff, Hay-on-Wye. Ros has lived within 1⁄4 mile of the River Wye at Hay-on-Wye all her life. If you would like to know more about the farm, the countryside and Hay-on-Wye, then she is your lady – it’s in her blood.

Ros also has work experience that spans, Employment and Personnel Supply, Deployment and Management of Volunteers in the Third Sector, Community Development and Project Delivery, Community Arts Development.

Her interests encompass art, music, wildlife and countryside. She enjoys painting, drawing, reading, walking, and helping Katy (her daughter) with her horse. Ros offers bed and breakfast and ‘glamping’/camping on the farm, visit the farm website to get a real feel for the place:

Want to Canoe?


As well as being one of the founding partners, Geoff has a practical role at want to canoe?, overseeing maintenance and transport; anything that needs making, building or fixing is generally within Geoff’s remit!

Geoff has been a director of a design and build company called Geodomes Ltd for 14 years. His products are geodesic domes and geodesic designs which he has been manufacturing since 1987. You can check them out here:

Geoff also has a degree in micro-biology from Canterbury University and work experience that includes a stint with The Nature Conservancy Council in East Anglia. Geoff’s other interests tend to be centred around design and manufacture of practical items, including furniture. In fact, most things you encounter on a visit to the farm have been designed or made by Geoff! Most importantly though, he continues to love and care for the countryside and undertakes most of the practical, land based activities required to manage the farm. In any spare time that can be gleaned, Geoff enjoys canoeing, sailing, walking and admiring the beautiful landscape, both around the farm and beyond.

Want to Canoe?

Want to Canoe?