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As I write this, the first blog-post I’ve ever written on our website, we are in lock-down. Despite the sun shining and the River Wye looking glorious I’m smashing through admin tasks next to a phone that doesn’t ring.

But I consider myself among the most fortunate… I’m not on the front-line, I’m safe and so are my family.  Our business is definitely suffering but not so much that it can’t be repaired when we re-open again.

With that in mind though, and in order to be as proactive as possible in our thank yous to the NHS and front-line workers we have decided to join in with other businesses and offer a pay-it-forward plan for when we re-open: With your help, we can get NHS and Blue-Light Front-Line Workers and their loved ones out on the river enjoying some very well deserved quality time after this chaos is over. If you buy the NHS a “canoe voucher” we’ll make sure that a canoe adventure gets into the hands of a well deserving NHS or Blue Light Worker once we come off lockdown. They are true heroes and deserve to be rewarded once this crisis has passed. It’s a Pay it Forward scheme that will benefit us as a small business, other local small businesses in our home-town Hay on Wye but most importantly those that deserve our thanks.

Each “canoe voucher” (£40) that’s paid forward goes into a kitty and can be redeemed by front-line workers until the kitty runs out… perhaps this is something that will happen indefinitely – that would be cool.

We as a business have given the kitty a head-start and put in 50 canoe vouchers to kick things off.  If you’d like to get involved and Pay It Forward you can do so really easily (it doesn’t have to be £40 it can be any amount that you feel comfortable with) by using the button below, OR if you’d like to leave a message to accompany your gift (we will compile and publish all your messages of thanks) then email us for bacs details OR just pay when you come on your own canoe trip! If you can’t afford to Pay It Forward but you are able to come canoeing with us then PLEASE DO and in that way you will be supporting these gifts and thank yous by supporting our small family business!

*if PayPal doesn’t work for you, get in touch with us directly and we can arrange other payment methods by bank transfer or card over the phone with a nice chat! x

So now anyone from the NHS and Blue Light Services can contact us with their id, book a time/date for their canoe adventure and get out on the river on us/you! How lush is that?!

Stay safe x

Clare & Aub, Ros & Geoff, Katy and the #dreamteam x

*We dedicate this initiative to four nurses, a mixture of past, present and future nhs workers, who are VERY important in our lives – Janet Biddiscombe (Mum – now retired but has nursed her whole working life), Bea Metcalfe (Dream Team and trainee nurse), Niki Rayner (bestie and highly talented nurse specialist), Gary Jennings (this nursing legend has attended to Aubrey in A&E more times than we care to remember! lols) x

Want to Canoe?

7 thoughts on “thank you nhs x

  1. What a fantastic idea. I work on a secure inpatient psychiatric unit for the NHS and my husband is a police officer. We, as a family, with our three grown up children, love outdoor adventures and often camp down at Hay-on-Wye. We would definitely love to take up the offer a a free canoe hire with you in the future.

  2. Hello, my name is Tash Cantelo. I’m a frontline nhs worker in the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport. This is an incredible thing. Is this still happening? Me and a couple of my fellow c-19 frontlineNHS staff would love to canoe on the wye!
    Thank you either way for this very kind thing. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Tash thanks for getting in touch – yes this is happening indefinitely as you all deserve on-going support and thanks… so please drop me an email at and I’ll send you more info – many thanks, Clare 🙂

  3. Hi! This is such a lovely gesture. I am an NHS worker in Hereford and would love to book a day canoeing with my partner. I have always loved being on the river, it’s such a lovely release from the drudge of day to day COVID life!
    Power to you all, this is amazing.

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