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an ode to the #dreamteam - #haynavy looses long-standing dream-team member to the marines . . .

Next week we concede One-nil to the Royal Marines as Felix heads off as a recruit on his next, most ambitious adventure yet.  No farewell dinner or barbeque, no hugs and pats on the back… just a relatively quiet socially distanced chat as we continue to respect lockdown and the challenge ahead for Felix as he lets hell loose into the navy – they honestly have no clue just how lucky they are.

Seriously though, how much have we lucked out with our team over the last seven years . . . it’s not just Felix, they’re all outstanding in their own right, working not just on the canoes but qualifying as canoe-leaders and instructors alongside their other work in nursing, blacksmithing, media-design, sound engineering, outdoor education, further education oh and yeh a bit of partying on the side as well 😉

Young people just don’t get enough credit so Aubrey and I are taking this opportunity to speak out and say that sucks – young, dedicated and energetic team members like Felix are one of the main reasons we’ve grown want to canoe? so rapidly and successfully. . . they are inspiring and great fun to be around – who wouldn’t want that from a work-place?

So how would we describe the dream-team? … relentlessly enthusiastic, cautiously optimistic, kind, loyal, morally aware, constantly hungry (mainly for biscuits or ice-cream),  clad in jazzy summer-wear, quite often ‘going the extra Milo’ – what’s not to like?

And so back to our farewells… the graft it takes to get into the marines is mind-blowing and all credit to Felix he left no stone unturned in the process.  We were never really in any doubt he’d get in, he’s exactly the person we’d all want on our team if things are getting tricky – plus he negotiates a guide-160 raft and rocks a dog buoyancy-aid with pure class! 😉

We all love you man and couldn’t be more proud to say you’re part of our team… whoever is teamed up with you in this, your next chapter, has seriously lucked out. Stay safe and come back to tell us many outrageous stories.

Clare, Aub, Morgan and the team x



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