oh 2021 what’s occurring?

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  • Want to Canoe?
  • Want to Canoe?
  • Want to Canoe?
  • Want to Canoe?
  • Want to Canoe?

game face . . .

Clare is firmly back on the end of the phone and tip-tapping away at emails; we’re keen as mustard to tell you about what we are running on the river and to start planning canoe adventures with you:
  • Please call or email to start the process of making a booking – we politely ask that you don’t come and visit us at the canoe office unless you have a booking that day


  • Please call or email if you want to find out more about what we’re doing… you don’t have to be someone who wants to go canoeing, you might live in or around Hay, run a business that has crossover with ours, or just be genuinely interested – we want to talk to everyone and particularly iron out any concerns or worries anyone might have from a Covid-19 perspective – please talk, we are listening x


  • we are keeping things safe, simple and dedicated for those canoeing with us


  • Follow us on instagram and facebook to keep bang up to date with our outlook and how we have fought (and won!) the #savethesummer cause by reopening safely in 2020 and now aiming for the same (but better!) in 2021


  • Join us in offering free trips to nhs and blue-light workers at ‘want to canoe?’ – click for more info


GOOD NEWS! From 7th August 2021 Wales is moving into Alert Level Zero – but what does that mean? Here is their official update…

Thanks to your efforts, we can move to Alert Level 0 from 6am Saturday 7 August:

– There will be no limit on the number of people you can meet indoors or outdoors, including in private homes, public places or at events.

– The few remaining businesses who were still required to be closed, including nightclubs, will be able to reopen.

– You will no longer legally have to wear masks in hospitality settings where food and drink is being served. But we still encourage you to wear them in those settings where this is practical.

– If you’re fully vaccinated or under 18, you’ll no longer need to isolate if you’ve been in close contact with someone who has coronavirus.

– You’ll still need a test on days 2 and 8. And anyone who tests positive must isolate for 10 days.

– Businesses, workplaces and places open to the public must take reasonable measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus. They will also have more flexibility to tailor their coronavirus measures based on their risk assessment – this may mean less emphasis on physical distancing.

It is everything you have done, and the hard work of our vaccinators, that means we’re able to lift restrictions further and see some normality.

But the virus is still with us and some important protections will remain in Wales:

– You must isolate immediately and get a test if you have coronavirus symptoms.

– If you test positive you must isolate for 10 days.

– You will still have to wear a mask in most indoor public places (including public transport, shops and healthcare settings).

More information here 👇


#staysafe #takecareofeachother

  • Want to Canoe?

our priorities are . . .

  • The wellbeing of our employees and crew of freelance instructors and addressing their personal concerns directly
  • The wellbeing of our local community and addressing their concerns directly
  • The wellbeing of our clients
  • The wellbeing of the river … we’ve all been off the river for a while in late 2020 and early 2021 so we have made a careful, considerate return and are working to ensure continued respect is given to the natural habitat, wildlife, birdlife, flora and fauna than we normal!
  • Maintaining Covid-Security across our operation
  • Keeping it real – we aren’t looking for loopholes, we’re playing by the rules!
  • Focusing on what we know NOW and being very cautious about the future
  • Keeping our behaviour and mindset as calm as possible
  • Not being overly extreme in the decisions we make – focusing on addressing facts
  • Constantly reviewing the situation, measuring success of the last set of actions and adjusting to new facts – this is an ongoing process as things are changing fast
  • Staying positive
  • Keeping it SAFE – SIMPLE – DEDICATED
  • Want to Canoe?

let's not get complacent . . .

The COVID‐19 virus is a serious and highly contagious disease. The World Health Organisation has classified it as a pandemic. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff, and to advance the safety of our local community whilst working strictly within and adhering to all Government and Canoe Wales guidance.

The pandemic and subsequently the guidance are changing and the situation is fast-paced. We have reopened our business directly in line with all government regulations. We will be constantly reviewing and updating our procedures and operation in accordance with any changes.

Stay safe x

Want to Canoe?

2 thoughts on “oh 2021 what’s occurring?

  1. Hello. We are coming to camp at The Walkers Cottage campsite near Hay-on-Wye from tomorrow for a few days and we’re hoping to book a half day canoe trip while we’re there.

    We are starting our holiday with a couple of other families for the bank holiday weekend and are then staying on for a few days next week. So, it could be a group of 3 families (2 adults and 2 children aged between 9 and 13) or just us, 2 adults and 2 children aged 9 and 13. We’re not sure yet but I thought I would send a message to ask what the options would be, to get an idea of price and availability too. Ifyou could send me some info that would be great.



    1. Hi Katherine, we will drop you an email now – thanks for getting in touch! Please check out your junk or spam incase the email drops in there. Many thanks 😊

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