Glasbury – Hay Estimated time – half a day

Glasbury to Hay is a 5.5 mile canoe trip starting from the highest navigable point on the Wye, paddling in a northeasterly direction for half a day. On this section you will encounter migratory sand martins nesting in the clay riverbanks between March and October. About ten years ago, the river saw an overnight change in course which has resulted in an ‘oxbow lake’ (a U-shaped body of water that forms when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off). Every winter we see further significant changes to this stretch as it is quite vulnerable in places so it’s one we watch closely!

This route is a great trip but not one we offer as an entirely unaccompanied option because the stretch is a touch more challenging – we do offer it as a morning Guided Session or as part of a Guided/Hire mixture day at weekends, every day during school holidays or by arrangement on other off-peak days.

Guided Adventure Sessions 

Having our team as your Guides gives you the benefit of being able to learn basic canoe-skills, play games and make the most out of the new skills you’ve learnt, also take in the scenery and wildlife more easily as you have a guide showing you what to look out for and you are not simply concentrating on keeping the canoe in a straight line as you’ve got some basic technique from the outset!   

If you’ve canoed before they can also help you expand upon and work on technique, they adapt easily to the needs of the group. The instructors paddle their own canoes so they can wizz about amongst the group, you then choose the boat format that suits your group on the day (we have tandem, three-man and rafted options).  These sessions are the equivalent of British Canoeing Paddlesport Start Qualification so anyone 16 or under receives a certificate at the end of the trip!

For Glasbury canoe hire, call us on 01497 820604

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