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the Town of Books

want to canoe? invite you to start your canoeing adventure at our HQ, situated on the left bank of the River Wye in the legendary town of Hay-on-Wye – our home town. Our fleet of canoes is fondly, locally known as the Hay Navy, Defenders of the Printed Word and Aubrey the Admiral, as declared by the late King of Hay, Richard Booth… only in Hay!

Our HQ is ideally situated on the banks of the River Wye in Hay on Wye on our small, organic, family-run farm.  The farm, as well as arable and pasture also offers a gorgeous mile-stretch of riverbank, ancient woodland areas, camping, glamping, BnB and self-catering as well as Hayfield Community Garden, sheep, chickens, horses and a market-garden raspberry and blueberry patch!

Whether you’re in ‘the town of books’ for the ever-vibrant Hay Festival, or are here during a quieter period, hire a canoe with us and we’ll introduce you to the most fun and rewarding of Black Mountain activities (unless you’re a returning customer, in which case you’ll know exactly what delights await you!).

Below you’ll find the established Hay-on-Wye canoe hire trips (and some of the things you might encounter along the way) along with information about where to stay, eat and drink. Any questions? Just give us call. We can advise you on everything from campsites (of which we have one right her at HQ, by the way) to where to go locally to stock up on delicious picnic goodies:

hay – byecross – holme lacy – symonds yat – monmouth | estimated time: four days

Starting at Hay, you’ll paddle your way down into idyllic Herefordshire countryside through numerous fruit orchards and scenic bridges. The canoe trip will see you passing […] Read more

glasbury – hay | estimated time: half a day

Glasbury to Hay is a 5.5 mile canoe trip starting from the highest navigable point on the Wye, paddling in a northeasterly direction for half a day. On this section you will encounter migratory sand martins nesting in […] Read more

hay – whitney | estimated time: half a day

Hay to Whitney is a 5.25 mile paddle starting in the picturesque town of Hay-on-Wye. “Hay”, often described as “the town of books”, is home to the famous literary festival. The Hay-Whitney paddle […] Read more

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